Will Solar Be Mandated for CRE New Builds?

Early last month, the California Energy Commission announced approval of a mandate that will require all “new homes and low-rise multifamily buildings” to include solar panels on the roofs. The law goes into effect within the next two years with full implementation mandated by 2020. This mandate is the first of its kind in the U.S. Could other states follow California’s suit? Will all commercial real estate builders and developers soon be required to install […]

Bridging the Gap between Online and Physical Retail: Warby Parker

They started online, selling high-end glasses for a fraction of the cost at a traditional eyeglass store. Buyers could even pick five frames to be shipped – free of charge – to try on and send back. The ones that they didn’t want, they returned. The ones they wanted to buy, they kept. It was a pretty smart idea to fill a gap in the e-commerce market. For three years, they were an internet sensation. […]

5 Ways Parking is Impacting Today’s CRE Building

If you’ve ever driven by a shopping center where all of the cars are concentrated around the anchor store but most of the spaces are empty then it’s easy to see parking’s impact on CRE. For decades, the standard was to build between 4 and 6 car spaces for every one thousand square feet of space. As mall businesses have closed what is left is a vast wasteland of concrete that is underused. Builders and […]

7 Jobs that Technology Could Replace in the Coming Years

Depending on the survey, there are many different estimates about how many jobs are about to become obsolete because of technology. According to one think tank, in the public sector, about a quarter million administrative and civil service jobs are going to be lost within the next two years or so – resulting in billions of dollars in savings to the public. By 2030, McKinsey Global Institute estimates a loss of anywhere from 400 million […]

Trending Fitness Concepts Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

From indoor climbing gyms to ping-pong clubs and ballet studios, there has been a big push for unique “fitness concepts” in recent years in vacant shopping centers and malls. We expect this trend to continue into 2018 and beyond with a variety of new fitness concept trends coming to a neighborhood near you.   Charlotte Country Club, Fitness Center, and Resort In-One In Charlotte, unique fitness concepts are taking over the city. One fitness concept […]

Retail Roundup: Arooga’s Sports Bar Plans Second LI Location

Nassau County is getting another place for games and grub. Joe Alagna plans to open the second Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar franchise on Long Island — this time in Rockville Centre, said Gary Huether, co-founder and president of the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based chain. Alagna also owns the first Arooga’s on Long Island, which opened in 2016 in Patchogue. Arooga’s is taking over the space that Cannon’s Blackthorn, an Irish pub, occupied before closing in March. While no opening […]

5 Interesting Facts about Transit-Oriented Developments You Might Not Know

Transit-Oriented Development is all the rage in CRE these days. Partly as a result of a sharp decrease in car ownership among city dwellers and millennials in general and the need to find new uses for vacant spaces, transit-oriented development is a trend that began several years ago and will continue to get bigger and spread to more cities. Here are 5 things you might not know about TOD:   #1: Atlanta’s Transit Authority Developed […]

These 5 Technologies are Making Property Management Easier

Managing properties used to take a robust staff of dozens of people to collect rent, maintain the grounds, perform repairs and routine maintenance, etc. Current technology has made it so that nearly every single task in property management can be handled through technology, making it much easier to manage properties, engage with tenants, collect rent payments, and secure and retain new tenants.   #1: CRE Management Platforms Commercial real estate was late to the game […]

4 Things to Look for When Hiring a Commercial Brokerage

Starting the business was the hard part. Now you are looking for a space but how do you find the right commercial building? You need a good commercial real estate brokerage but each brokerage and broker is different. How do you choose the one that’s right for you? Here are 4 things to look for:   #1: A broker that specializes in the type of commercial property that you need. One of the first things […]

4 Commercial Leasing Myths Debunked

Commercial leasing is a complex business. Understanding terms, finding the right properties, negotiating the best short or long term deal possible is all complicated by the detailed financial and legal processes that have to be secured along the way. Without the aid of a professional broker, tenants can find themselves locked in a long term deal that doesn’t work all because of some common leasing misconceptions.   #1: Trying to Lease in Retail is Futile […]