Futuristic Office

This is What the Office of the Future Looks Like

In the future, connectivity may be an even more important factor when purchasing office space than location or price, some are predicting. Just like every office first had to be wired for telephone systems, then coaxial cable for the internet, and now wireless, in the future Smart technology will be standard for all office buildings. Office space itself is already changing dramatically. More often than not, there are multiple companies in one building instead of […]

Retail Storefront with Open Sign

Retail is Still Thriving: These Brands are Opening Stores

Retail isn’t all doom and gloom—there are plenty of retailers that are opening stores instead of closing them. Moreover, many are planning to expand beyond this year. However, there is a fundamental change that is happening causing this weird paradigm where there are brand named box store closings everywhere while simultaneously brand named stores are opening and expanding. The need for enormous department stores and outlet buildings has passed. These days retail is getting smaller […]

A Smart City Connects all Structures and Consumers for Data Collection

What Does the Smart City Mean for Our Future?

The Smart city market is projected to reach $400 billion by 2020. The type of data analysis that is made possible through Smart cities will become invaluable for identifying prospective investments, new or re-development, attracting tenants, and building better infrastructure. One tech leader, Cisco, is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into Smart city projects all over the world including in San Jose and Chicago. Electricity giant GE (General Electric) has joined with city governments […]

Waterfront industrial property at sunrise

How to Choose the Best Location for Your Industrial Property Investment

Everyone knows that in real estate, it’s ‘location, location, location’, but what else? When it comes to commercial property investments, there are a lot of other factors that go into play that makes one location better than another. Should you choose to purchase industrial property, you have to decide whether or not to locate in your headquarter city or to move your operations to a more economically attractive city. The Best Location Depends on the […]

Find The Perfect Location for Your Business

Looking for a Home for Your Small Business: 5 Ways to Pick a City

As a small business looking to make its mark on the world, starting out is never easy. Up and coming businesses face all sorts of issues and setbacks – sometimes it even feels like the turbulence will never end. These complications stand as rites of passage for all growing businesses, and the silver lining of success always remains in sight. When everything else comes with its own set of dilemmas, there’s one thing that can […]

Is Coworking Really Productive?

Everyone Loves CoWorking, but is it Really That Productive?

We all know how great coworking is. It makes remote working easier than ever, it offers team members flexibility that’s never been seen before, it’s convenient and builds community – the positives seem to be endless. The boasted benefits of this unprecedented business model have acted as a fuel, igniting the explosion of the number of coworking spaces around the globe – going from 20 to 20,000 in just over two decades. As the trend […]

Milwaukee is a New CRE Tech Center to Watch

3 Unexpected Tech Hubs CRE Investors Should be Watching

Move over, Silicon Valley – there are some new players in the game. The tech industry’s steady growth rate is causing tech hubs to sprout up all over the country. It isn’t just centered around big cities or coastal oases,  it’s everywhere. In fact, the expanding tech industry is responsible for leasing a large portion of the country’s office spaces. This is huge, not only for tech giants but also for investors. Commercial investors need […]

Empty warehouse interior design

The Role of Design in the Industrial Sector’s Demand

CRE’s industrial sector has seen massive waves of growth within the past few years. Investors from all around the globe simply can’t get enough domestic industrial properties, and expanding online retailers are eagerly compiling huge portfolios of warehouse spaces in order to better meet consumer demands. With all these factors fueling the unprecedented demand for industrial properties, this CRE sector is also undergoing another kind of transformation – design. The days of big, grey and […]

Retail Storefront with Open Sign

Experience is Everything: 4 CRE Sectors Keeping Up

It’s 2019 and experience is everything. The focus on experience has been steadily growing, and it’s become a full-blown obsession in nearly every major industry. CRE is no stranger to the concept of created experiences, and some sectors are totally dominating the game. Let’s look at how these 4 rockstar CRE industries are utilizing created experiences to stay current and attract business. Retail Out of all of CRE’s sectors, the most avid participant in the […]

What Do Landlords Need to Know About Rent Control?

Over the past few months, many states have implemented new rent control policies. Rent control laws work to regulate how much landlords can charge for rent, and also how much rent can be raised within a certain period of time. These laws are designated by individual cities and their goal is to help ensure that housing remains an affordable commodity. As a landlord, it’s imperative to remain informed on all the ins and outs of […]