Is Coworking Really Productive?

Everyone Loves CoWorking, but is it Really That Productive?

We all know how great coworking is. It makes remote working easier than ever, it offers team members flexibility that’s never been seen before, it’s convenient and builds community – the positives seem to be endless. The boasted benefits of this unprecedented business model have acted as a fuel, igniting the explosion of the number of coworking spaces around the globe – going from 20 to 20,000 in just over two decades.

As the trend of coworking continues to dominate the workforce, it becomes necessary to question the effectiveness of this innovative system. All the added perks and benefits of coworking spaces are easily seen, but the experience is a different thing. Let’s get an insider’s look into coworking to better understand how this dynamic system works.

Dealing with Distractions

With so many people working in one space, it makes the perfect atmosphere for collaboration – but what happens during solo work time? One of the biggest issues people are having with coworking is the inability to cope with distractions. While the trend is built upon ideas of productivity and streamlining workflows, it can end up becoming more of a hindrance than an assent.

It’s a given that these mixed-use spaces will be louder than your average office. Flexible scheduling means people coming in and out as they please. Collaborative projects can mean lots of talking and debate. Experience-based areas can lead to slacking off or neglecting responsibilities. For people who don’t work well in the midst of activity, coworking probably isn’t the best idea.

Too Much Transience?

Freedom and flexibility are some of the most desired features within the coworking scheme. However, we’re at the point where it’s necessary to ask – when does it become too much? The transient nature doesn’t fit into everybody’s workflow. Some workers need to be grounded in a solid desk that’s theirs, day in and day out. Working on the go may seem ideal, but for some, it just gets downright confusing. As in all things, everyone needs to assert their own balance.

Different Work Styles

Truth be told, there is no single ‘perfect’ way to work. Every individual has their own ideal work environment which enables them to thrive. While some people work best with music and background noise, others prefer to work in complete silence and solitude. Some people like to zoom through all their tasks at once, while others need to take breaks and spread it out. It’s basic human nature to have your own methods for reaching optimized productivity.

When it comes to coworking, it’s important to remember it just won’t work for everyone. While some will shine in this kind of community-based social environment, others won’t. As the business world rushes headway into coworking, it’s vital to keep in mind that it simply isn’t the optimum for every single person out there. It’s important to remember that all the perks associated with coworking come with their fair share of downsides. In order to reap the advertised benefits of these unique spaces, they need to be designed properly and utilized efficiently. To reach peak performance, it takes more than fun activities and interaction – it requires responsibility, diligence, and above all, knowing yourself.

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