Are Global Investors Looking to Add Industrial Real Estate to their Portfolios?

According to the 2018 Global Real Estate Outlook compiled by PwC and ULI, investors all around the world are adding industrial assets to their portfolios. Why is that and is it a good decision considering the global volatility brewing?   Why global investors Are Interested in Industrial Real Estate Multifamily, office, retail, they are all facing some challenges right now. Prices in many primary cities for housing are reaching pre-recession levels. Office is seeing a […]

Is Industrial Space Going Vertical?

Inventory space is going vertical as property parcels get smaller and more expensive. For years now the industrial market has been flying high thanks to global e-commerce. We’re now approaching near full occupancy with a shrinking inventory of industrial supply coupled with ongoing high demand for those assets; which is causing pricing to begin ticking up dramatically. In other words, fulfillment centers are housing more and more inventory to meet rising demands leading them to […]

5 New Trends in Green Building for CRE

Green building is more than a residential concept – it has become standard in the commercial industry too. Along with automation, artificial intelligence, Smart technology, and robotics, green building technology is helping to meet the new needs in CRE following these three trends:   #1: Building for Climate Disasters Did you know that last year the U.S. suffered some of the worst financial losses due to extreme climate events than at any other time in […]

Should You Add a Co-Working Space to Your Office Property?

At first, co-working spaces made sense largely for startups and independents. Now everyone is using them. Turns out, it’s a cost saver even for established businesses. Unlike a traditional office lease, tenants don’t have to go through months and months of negotiations and paperwork processing for co-working space. They aren’t even responsible for providing electric, internet, and a lot of office equipment to their employees – that’s the office owner’s responsibility. With studies showing that […]

5 Reasons to View Flexible Space as an Amenity to Attract Tenants

WeWork started the concept but it has only grown and expanded from there. The co-working or flex space model which began in NYC is fast becoming the new Uber of commercial office space. With large corporations abandoning the traditional work model for more flex space, it is changing how landlords attract and retain tenants. Recently, landlords are discovering that they can use their building’s flex space as an amenity to attract tenants. Flex space isn’t […]

Striking the Balance in Student Housing

It’s not as sexy as luxury multifamily, but student housing is nothing to sneeze at. Student housing is a “key recruiting tool for universities” and the number of enrollees is rising, especially on the West Coast. Take for instance UC Davis in California. There the vacancy rate for apartments near the university is 0.2%. Most students cannot afford the less than 1% supply of student housing anyway. Rushing in to meet the high demand coming […]

5 Reasons Open Floor Plan Offices Are Out of Style

For years now, office building owners have been tearing down walls and taking out cubicles, opting for more open floor plans in order to cater to younger workers – so they thought. Staples conducted a survey of the bulk of the workforce today (millennials and GenXers) and found that more than a third, 40% of them find open floor plans disruptive, making it “difficult to focus.”   Workers Want Both Wall seating, benches, couches, partial […]

The Suburban Work Campus: Changing the Way We Work?

The workforce has been undergoing enormous changes since the cloud and wireless technology took off. Mobile capabilities have given workers and employers much more freedom in how and where they can work. That has led to huge reductions in overhead costs to businesses and a happier, healthier workforce. At the same time, this mobile workforce has been moving away from traditional suburban work campuses into walkable, city-based corporate offices. Recently, experts have noticed a budding […]

Industrial Cold Storage: 5 Things to Know

Amazon’s growth into grocery is transforming industrial cold storage from a niche CRE market into a necessary link in grocery supply chains. According to the numbers, millennials will affect overall online grocery sales with some predicting that within seven years, 70% of people will buy their groceries online. A rising tide of new online grocers as well as traditional grocers is getting into same day delivery in order to meet that demand – increasing the […]

Should Traditional Distribution and E-Fulfillment Live in One Building?

If you live in the U.S., there is an Amazon warehouse less than 20 miles from you, according to L2, Inc. E-commerce made warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers “sexy” again. The cloud and wireless technology has transformed clunky cement buildings into data centers and now, ULI (Urban Land Institute) puts warehouses and fulfillment centers at the top of their Emerging Trends Report for 2018. However, while vacancy rates have been well below average for […]