Is the East Coast Casino Dash Something to Watch?

Gambling and by association, casinos, are known as one of mankind’s favorite guilty pleasures. The thrill of winning hundreds or even thousands of dollars is enough to create enjoyment and even addiction. As the East Coast pushes forward with many states legalizing or considering the legalization of casinos, construction has started to boom in the industry. However, what is causing this rush to build the biggest, best most outlandish casino resort? Why is it happening […]

5 Ways Parking is Impacting Today’s CRE Building

If you’ve ever driven by a shopping center where all of the cars are concentrated around the anchor store but most of the spaces are empty then it’s easy to see parking’s impact on CRE. For decades, the standard was to build between 4 and 6 car spaces for every one thousand square feet of space. As mall businesses have closed what is left is a vast wasteland of concrete that is underused. Builders and […]

5 Interesting Facts about Transit-Oriented Developments You Might Not Know

Transit-Oriented Development is all the rage in CRE these days. Partly as a result of a sharp decrease in car ownership among city dwellers and millennials in general and the need to find new uses for vacant spaces, transit-oriented development is a trend that began several years ago and will continue to get bigger and spread to more cities. Here are 5 things you might not know about TOD:   #1: Atlanta’s Transit Authority Developed […]