5 Ways Grocery Stores are Innovating for 2019 & Beyond

As the adoption of online food shopping continues to grow, what lies ahead for grocery shopping? Food retail is in need of some change, but how exactly are grocery store chains adapting to this new wave of retail trends? Let’s take a look at five ways grocery stores are innovating for 2019 and beyond. Grocery Stores Will Offer an Experience In 2016 and 2017, consumers in America spent more money on food at bars and […]

Recreating the American Mall: 7 Uses for Vacant Mall Space

In certain areas of the country, malls that used to be filled with shoppers are now disappearing and becoming large vacant pieces of property. Many of these cities have converted these former shopping centers into residences, office space, fitness centers, etc. Let’s discuss seven uses for vacant mall space. Data Centers In certain cities such as Baltimore, vacant malls have become prime space for data centers. In the Marley Station Mall in Baltimore, a data […]

5 Steps to Designing Retail Space with Experiences in Mind

As the retail industry continues to evolve, it’s important for retailers to continue to offer more than just a product. Consumers are looking for true experiences when they go shopping and having this level of engagement can set your retail space apart from competitors. Here are five steps to designing retail space with experiences in mind whether you are a seasoned retailer looking to revamp your space or a new retailer entering the market. Associates […]

Retailers Add Lockers to Capitalize on Online Sales

One of the latest trends in online sales is actually taking place in person. Online order pickup lockers are being installed in physical locations, something Amazon has been doing for a while now. The latest company to do this is do-it-yourself superstar retailer Home Depot, which, as Bisnow reports, has begun installation of their own pickup lockers at many locations. The lockers, which are designed to let customers order online and then come in to […]

Grab a Bite to Eat and CoWork, Too? Restaurants Jump into CoWorking

When you think about it, it makes sense to turn restaurants into CoWorking spaces. The CoWorking model emerged after 2008 when the economy was in freefall and unemployment was in the double digits in many places. Coffee shops became the place to network, start a business, do freelance and contract work – anything to make money when there were no jobs. Thos café entrepreneurs soon began launching businesses to great success. Many who left the […]

Retail is Still Thriving: These Brands are Opening Stores

Retail isn’t all doom and gloom—there are plenty of retailers that are opening stores instead of closing them. Moreover, many are planning to expand beyond this year. However, there is a fundamental change that is happening causing this weird paradigm where there are brand named box store closings everywhere while simultaneously brand named stores are opening and expanding. The need for enormous department stores and outlet buildings has passed. These days retail is getting smaller […]

5 Reasons to View Flexible Space as an Amenity to Attract Tenants

WeWork started the concept but it has only grown and expanded from there. The co-working or flex space model which began in NYC is fast becoming the new Uber of commercial office space. With large corporations abandoning the traditional work model for more flex space, it is changing how landlords attract and retain tenants. Recently, landlords are discovering that they can use their building’s flex space as an amenity to attract tenants. Flex space isn’t […]

Industrial Cold Storage: 5 Things to Know

Amazon’s growth into grocery is transforming industrial cold storage from a niche CRE market into a necessary link in grocery supply chains. According to the numbers, millennials will affect overall online grocery sales with some predicting that within seven years, 70% of people will buy their groceries online. A rising tide of new online grocers as well as traditional grocers is getting into same day delivery in order to meet that demand – increasing the […]

Should Traditional Distribution and E-Fulfillment Live in One Building?

If you live in the U.S., there is an Amazon warehouse less than 20 miles from you, according to L2, Inc. E-commerce made warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers “sexy” again. The cloud and wireless technology has transformed clunky cement buildings into data centers and now, ULI (Urban Land Institute) puts warehouses and fulfillment centers at the top of their Emerging Trends Report for 2018. However, while vacancy rates have been well below average for […]

Bridging the Gap between Online and Physical Retail: Warby Parker

They started online, selling high-end glasses for a fraction of the cost at a traditional eyeglass store. Buyers could even pick five frames to be shipped – free of charge – to try on and send back. The ones that they didn’t want, they returned. The ones they wanted to buy, they kept. It was a pretty smart idea to fill a gap in the e-commerce market. For three years, they were an internet sensation. […]